For best results, we recommend you use the waterproof case when there is a chance your camera may be submersed in water. That said, the Drift HD Ghost and Ghost-S cameras are engineered to withstand dust, snow, rain, splashes and submersion up to 3m for 30 minutes at a time. Below are our recommendations to ensure you get the most out of your camera when using it in or around water: - Clean off any salt water or dirt from the camera immediately and prior to storing; - Avoid opening the Back Hatch in damp or humid conditions; - Do not subject the camera to a sudden impact of water – the camera should always be used in the waterproof case when in intensive water-based applications; - Do not leave the camera submerged for longer than 30 minutes; - Operating the camera at temperatures below 0°C reduces battery life and lowers battery performance on the long term; - Do not charge the battery at temperatures below 0°C, or when the camera is still wet; - We recommend users to store the camera for a minimum of 6-12 hours with the back hatch open and no battery installed, before or after use, to avoid condensation; - Always use the universal clip as a rear hatch key to ensure the camera is sealed tightly and guarantee full water proofing (picture below). - The camera is only 3m waterproof when the STANDARD rear hatch is used and fitted properly as shown below.




The Drift HD Ghost / Drift Ghost-S Waterproof Case is required for all activities where the camera may be submerged for longer than 30 minutes, in depths greater than 3m (9ft), or where the unit is subjected to intensive water-based activities. The case is also fully compatible with any of the Drift mounts, allowing you to keep the versatility of the Drift mounting system and get the shots you need, whether waterskiing, wakeboarding, powerboating or surfing.

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