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Drift Suction Cup Mount

Drift Suction Cup Mount

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Product Description

Drift’s powerful suction cup is the perfect accessory for mounting you Drift camera to any non-pourous flat surfaces.

Perfect for use on car windshield’s or car body. This well designed mount makes it simple to turn, tilt, and rotate your video camera 360°.

A newly designed suction mount specifically made for all current and previous model Drift cameras. This rugged, industrial strength mount is perfect for attaching Drift cameras to a car, windscreen, motorbike or snowmobile. The durable polymer composition combined with the addition of the new, ratcheted washer the Drift Suction Cup Mount will securely lock your camera in a set position, even under extreme conditions.

This new design focused on reducing the weight of the mount by over 50% to its predecessor ensuring that it keeps vibrations to a minimum at high speeds. Making use of the rotating lens and rotating universal clip that are a signature of Drift cameras, the Suction Cup Mount can now be set up to an even lower profile allowing for that perfect shot. This new design also keeps the amount of parts needed to an absolute minimum.

The Drift Suction Cup Mount is designed to work with all Drift cameras including the latest Drift HD Ghost and Drift Ghost-S.

Customer Reviews

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  • Finally a quick release suction-cup mount!

    Review by Carson

    "Now you can line up the shot and keep it there. Lap after lap you can use the quick release to check the footage or replace the battery, but the shot angle remains the same. A must for any racing fan."