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Drift Adhesive Mount Kit

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Product Features » Flat Adhesive: Perfect for all flat, non-porous surface such as on a vehicle, skis or snowboard

» Curved Adhesive: Perfect for all smooth, curved surfaces, such as a helmet

» Industrial strength 3M self-adhesive pads
Technical Specifications » Compatible with all Drift cameras using the Drift Universal Clip
Content » Drift Flat Adhesive Mount

» Drift Curved Adhesive Mount

» Drift Universal Clip
EAN 609728270889
Compatible with Ghost-S, Stealth 2, HD Ghost, Drift HD, Drift HD720, HD170 Stealth, HD170, X170
Stock up on spare Drift Innovation mounts with the Drift Adhesive Mount Kit. Including a Curved Adhesive, Flat Adhesive and Universal Clip, the kit attaches your Drift action camera via industrial strength 3M adhesive. The Flat Adhesives can solidly be attached to any flat, non-porous surface such as on a vehicle, skis, snowboard, or the flat surface of a helmet. Use the Curved Adhesive Mounts to mount your camera to any curved, non-porous surface, such as any kind of helmets. Although the 3M adhesive offers super-strong sticking power, it can be removed without leaving a trace of damage on the applied surface.

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