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Drift HD Ghost Action Camera

Drift HD Ghost Action Camera

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Product Description

Drift Innovation, the award-winning action sports technology company specializing in the capture and sharing of digital imagery, launched the most feature-rich and intuitive action camera yet – the Drift HD Ghost.

Building upon a unique feature set, which includes an industry-first two-way LED remote control with on/off indicator light, video recording/tagging capabilities in continuous loop mode, and an integrated 2-inch Corning® Gorilla® Glass; LCD screen, the Drift HD Ghost is the best all-in-one solution on the market.Unlike other point of view cameras that require aftermarket accessories and peripherals for functionality, the Drift HD Ghost includes everything action sports enthusiasts need to capture professional quality video immediately. Plus, the intuitive interface is easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to set up, so users everywhere can begin recording moments after opening the box.

Drift Active StatusTM Two-Way Remote with LED Lights

The Drift HD Ghost is the only action camera packaged standard with a wearable on/off remote control with LEDs and wrist strap. The strategically placed LED lights on the remote instantly communicate the mode currently in use displaying a color-coded system indicating Video, Photo, Timelapse or Photoburst modes. The remote also streamlines functionality by allowing users to take photos and change function modes from up to 30 feet (10m) away, as well as to start and stop recording. This saves precious memory space and battery life so you can capture a full day of activities without wasting time.

Drift FlashbackTM Video Tag/Loop

Action sports enthusiasts can save a recorded event up to five minutes after it happens while in Video Tag/Loop mode, which records footage in a continuous loop style. The video clip is stored in the camera’s memory, and will save the clip only if the user chooses to “tag” it.

Built-In 2-Inch LCD Screen with Corning® Gorilla® Glass

The screen allows quick, real-time viewing of camera angles before you even press record. It also supports instant video playback of recorded footage, making it easier than ever to edit, delete and re-live your favorite actions whenever, and where ever, you want. Plus, its screen is covered with Gorilla Glass® to ensure scratch-proof performance even in the most rugged terrains.

Drift DataLinkTM Wi-Fi Enabled & Drift App

The Drift HD Ghost comes Wi-Fi-enabled to communicate instantly with smartphones. Combined with the Drift Mobile App (coming soon for both IOS and Android) you can preview and line up a shot remotely from your phone, change camera settings, shot recording, photo capture and playback, directly through your mobile device. You can even download content from the camera to your smartphone instantly and share content wirelessly across your favorite social media platforms.

Drift PowerStationTM

The Drift HD Ghost has the longest standard battery life on the market, providing 3 hours of recording time per charge, courtesy of the included 1700 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The Drift PowerStation™ also uniquely places the battery in the center of the camera maximizing battery life and providing an anti-vibrational system.

Advanced Drift PureTM Audio Technology

The microphone features digital and mechanical dynamic modulation technology which offers the latest innovations in digital signal processing and wind-noise reduction to provide crystal clear audio. Standard in all Drift cameras are multiple sensitivity settings and an external 3.5mm microphone connector to further enhance the captured audio.

Enhanced 7 Element Lens Design

The Drift HD Ghost boasts an upgraded lens design consisting of seven elements, ensuring optically pure performance whether filming in the Gobi desert or on top a high mountain peak. This guarantees the user high clarity, vibrantly colored, stunning HD video. While recording crystal clear HD video in a variety of resolutions (ranging from 1080p, 960p, 720p to WVGA), you can simultaneously shoot still photos without interrupting filming, so you never miss a moment.

Highly Robust and 3m (9ft) Waterproof

The Drift HD Ghost features an improved design allowing the camera to be 3m (9ft) waterproof out of the box. So whether surfing in Indonesia or kiteboarding on the Hood River, Drift has you covered. For deep water enthusiasts Drift offers a uniquely designed waterproof housing which allows you to capture underwater adventures up to 60m (197ft) depth.

+ The Drift HD Ghost is engineered to withstand dust, snow, rain, splashes and submersion to depths of 3m (9ft) equivalent of pressure for 30 minutes at a time. The camera should always be used in the waterproof case when in intensive water-based applications that may involve sudden impacts with water.

Product Features

  • Maximum Video Resolution: 1080p High Definition
  • microSD Memory Capacity: up to 32GB
  • 25 / 30 / 50 / 60 / 120 fps in WVGA or 25 / 30fps in 1080p
  • Still Photo: 11 megapixel with Photoburst Mode
  • Digital Zoom: Digital x10 (in 1080p, 720p/30/60fps & WVGA mode)
  • Lens Angle: 170° Fully Rotatable Wide Angle Lens (130° at 60fps)
  • LCD Screen: 2.0″ Color TFT
  • Water Proof to 3m (9.84ft)
  • Remote Control: Wireless RF (5m range) Hands Free Video and Photo
  • Mounts: Multiple Mounting Design, Standard 1/4″ 20 thread
  • Audio: Built-in Microphone & Speaker, 2.5mm Mono Plug Input
  • HDMI: Micro HDMI connector for HDTV playback
  • Menus: User Friendly Control Panel in 15 Languages
  • Technical Specifications

  • Video resolution: 1080p, 960p, 720p and WVGA
  • File format: .Mp4 / .Mov (H.264 codec)
  • Sensor type: CMOS
  • Frame rate: 25 / 30 / 50 / 60 / 100 / 120 fps
  • Field of view: 90° / 127° / 170°
  • Lens focal range: 0.5m to infinity
  • Lens rotation: 300°
  • Zoom: x10 (digital)
  • Photo mode: 5 / 8 / 11 megapixels
  • Exposure: Auto / Manual
  • LCD Screen: 2.0" TFT
  • Waterproof: 3m (9.84ft)
  • Microphone: Built-in, noise reducing microphone
  • Built-in memory: 256MB
  • Memory capacity: Micro SD memory cards up to 32GB
  • Inputs: 3.5mm external microphone (extension included)
  • Outputs: HDMI connector type C (cable not included)
  • Connectivity: USB Plug and Play, mini-B USB connector
  • Compatibility: Windows XP and up / Mac OS 10.2 and up
  • Remote range: 5m (32.81ft)
  • Radio frequency: 2.4G
  • Camera dimensions: 105 (L) x 52 (W) x 33 (D) mm
  • Camera Weight: 167g
  • Camera Power: 1700mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery (included) (DC 3.7V)
  • Contents

  • Drift HD Ghost Professional Action Camera
  • Two Way Remote Control
  • Rear Connector Hatch
  • Goggle Mount
  • Curved and Flat Surface Mounts
  • Universal Clip
  • Velcro Strap
  • 1700 mAH Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Cable
  • 3.5 mm Microphone Extension Cable
  • Drift Bug Sticker
  • Drift Logo Sticker
  • Accessory Travel Case
  • Quick Guide
  • Customer Reviews

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    • Ghost

      Review by Josh

      "As soon as the Ghost arrived I was in awwww. The was that the camera packaged in it case was amazing. the camera was securely mounted and all the accessories in it own unique caring case.

      I am a supporter of Drift and it products and owned 2 of the HD 170 stealth but this camera just blows my mind with all the cool features, clarity of the video and photos it shoots, the remote control being able to be charged the same way as the camera and not to mention the multicoloured LED that match the mod functions on the camera, the large screen and the larger buttons that can be operated with gloves on. The one feature that I love is the app you can get for your phone so you can view/record/take photos and change setting on the camera right from your phone.

      If I had to pick one flaw with the camera is that night time video are a little on the grainy side but that is minor compared to the rest of the features.

      I would say that the Ghost is the ultimate package on the market right now. It is perfect for the beginner or expert film maker. The bonus is you don't have to spend all that extra cash on mounts cause the lens is rotatable. You don't have to spend money on water proof cases because it is waterproof. You don't have to spend money on a remote cause it comes with one. You don't have to spend money on a LED screen because it is already equipped with the camera and made out of gorilla glass.

      I am one happy customer
      Thanks Drift"
    • GHOST HD is not a myth

      Review by Todd

      "Easy to dial in. Great function menus. Really cool uses and easy to do what you'd like it to! This GHOST ain't spooky!"
    • Camera Review Update

      Review by Robert

      "Had the camera for a while now. I LOVE this camera. Takes awesome video, great photo's, and the lighted remote is so nice.

      Batteries haven't been as big of an issue as I first thought. So ALL is good !!

      Need to decide if I need another one ... to go with my two HD 170 cameras ?? ... So buy the GHOST, you won't regret it !!"
    • Pretty Nice Camera

      Review by Robert

      "First, I have two HD170 cameras which I love. Saw this camera & after a bit, decided to buy one. Overall, the DRIFT GHOST HD camera is a really nice camera. I like the size, the larger LCD screen, the controls on the top & the remote as well as some of the new features.

      What I don't like is it uses a smaller size 1700mAh battery than the the HD170 long life 1700mAh batteries I have for the other cameras, so I had to buy some extra batteries. (I now own nine batteries, dang!)

      The batteries have a real short recording life - 2 to 2 1/2 hrs in the cold at most. For me, that's a killer.

      The batteries can only be charged while in the camera and the remote has no option to change out that battery if it ever dies, so a guy will have to buy a new remote unit at some point.

      Some of the features I really like are being able to record video not only in 1080p & 720p, but also 960p & WVGA.

      I also like being able to record video in Mp4 format plus the MOV format, so that is a nice feature too.

      I only wish the remote was able to turn the camera on & off & had the zoom option on it too. It's pretty difficult to do those things while riding an ATV with the camera strapped or mounted to the side of your helmet.

      Bottom line, it's a pretty nice camera, but the battery being a different size than the HD170 long life battery and the short battery life bring it down for me."
    • Perfect POV Camera

      Review by Brad

      "I’ve been waiting for a camera like this for a while. I’ve tried the other POV cameras on the market and this one, hands down, has the features needed for a person who wants to shoot video and/or still pictures while engaged in their favorite activity. I’m a very active skier and this camera is perfect for skiing. The real game-changer with this camera is the wireless remote. Since you’re typically placing the camera in a position where you really can’t see any of its buttons, the remote makes using this camera ridiculously easy. All of the other cameras have tried to solve this awkward problem by making the record button on the camera bigger. I don’t care how big or how distinct the button feels, trying to navigate something you cannot see with a set of ski gloves on isn’t easy. Drift has come up with a better solution – a two button wrist mounted remote.

      Most of the older Drift cameras had a similar wireless remote but with the latest Ghost incarnation, Drift has made it more effective with lights that tell you what mode you’re in. All other cameras require you to touch the camera to switch between modes: the Drift Ghost lets you take a still picture, a video, a time-lapse sequence or a burst of individual photos my selecting the color of the mode by pushing the button attached to a band on your wrist (green for video, yellow for photo, etc). This is perfect for someone who’s skiing and comes upon that perfect photo op. Last year, I had to take stop, plant my poles, take off my glove, pull out the camera, take the picture, put the camera back, put on the gloves, pick up my poles and the get back to skiing. This year, I can take a picture while I’m skiing or stop and take the picture but because the buttons are big enough and I can see them, I don’t have to take off my glove! I’ll bet a missed a number of great shots because getting ready to take the shot was too much of a hassle so I didn’t stop.

      When comparing this camera to other POV cameras, they’re all about the same as far as resolution, zoom, field of view, exposure, etc. and I’m sure if you were to take a side by side comparison, you might find one slightly better than the other but in reality, you get used to what you have so a side by side video comparison isn’t a good judge of a POV camera’s worth….they’re all acceptable for what you’re trying to do.

      The video tagging feature of this camera is intriguing. For those that haven’t read about this feature, it basically allows you to constantly record video but the camera is continuously overwriting a selectable duration of time (10 sec to 5 min). So if you just completed an incredible ski run but forgot to turn on the camera at the start of the run, you could have the camera save the last set duration of time and then the camera will keep on recording and overwriting until you select another set duration of past time. I think this feature will take some getting used to.

      The new thing in POV cameras seems to be wifi. Most of them have this feature in one way or another. The newest Ghost camera doesn’t presently have a wifi application but the camera hardware is designed to mate with a future wifi application so there’s no hardware update required, only a new software application. I understand that they’re planning on supporting the iPhone and the Android phones. I hope they come out with a Windows 8 application.

      My helmet’s off to the designers and developers of this camera. As it has most if not all of the typical “camera” features found in most other POV cameras but the most useful feature of this camera is the remote. Without the remote, it’s just another nice POV camera. With the remote, it’s perfect.
    • Awesome customer service!!

      Review by Luan

      "I bought this camera and what suprised me was notf its quality but the support from its customer service.

      Many thanks to Kristi again for the whole week helping me to get my camera in the right place!!


    6 Item(s)

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