About Us

Find out why we make cameras, and what we do to make your lives easier.

"Enabling you to capture and share your most inspiring moments"

We are driven by a desire to create high quality, user-friendly, innovative wearable cameras designed do make our customers lives more fun.

We have been developing cameras since 2009 and are veterans of the industry, we learn from customers to make our products better and their lives easier.

Our philosophy is to put the customer first; we want our cameras to be used and easy to do so from the very first moment.

This is why our products are longer lasting than the rest, easier to use and have the most features as standard.

The Founders

We created Drift to help people capture & share their lives with the world.

Sab Jhooti

“We are inspired by our customers and are passionate about enabling them to share their creativity, adventures and lives with the world in the easiest way possible."

Robin Parker

“We focused on making products that had a better form factor, longer battery life, more features and a user focused approach to technology."

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